History of the Bamboo Bike Frame

The journey started as a result of a challenge given to myself….I took an aluminium “Y” framed bike, I had designed, to a mountain bike magazine. They showed some interest, but the Managing Director asked me what other material could be used? I gave him a variety, including Laminated Wood, and his reply was; that if I wanted to continue with this project, I should go down that route, saying “We all have either Steel, Aluminium or Carbon-Fibre bikes but not wood”

I went back to my drawing board and designed my first Laminated Wood Framed bike in 2007. I continued with wood until 2017, when I changed to Laminated Bamboo (once I found a supplier who could bond Bamboo Veneer together, to create the 25mm board required)


I changed to Laminated Bamboo as my preferred material of choice, due to superior performance in strength, flexibility, and ecological credentials, along with its beauty.

“I consider the Laminated Wood Frames to be my prototypes for the Laminated Bamboo version, which we intend now, to fully market”

Bamboo City Range

Prototype 1

bamboo urban

Prototype 2

bamboo racing bike

Prototype 3


Bamboo Urban / City


Bamboo Road / Race