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"Green, Greener, Greenest......"
Bamboo Framed Bikes

Several aspects of Bamboo Bikes are extremely valuable to both cyclists and bicycle manufacturers: high strength-to-weight ratio, vibration control, and sustainable growth.

“Better vibration-damping capabilities relative to carbon-fibre. Naturally light and stiff material properties. Impressive damage tolerance and eco-friendly sourcing”

Bamboo Framed Bikes
Tri-Sept Cycles
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Why Bamboo

Once harvested, bamboo can net up to twice as much fibre as pine, the fasted growing wood crop.


The Bicycle Frame

Bamboo’s tensile strength is stronger than steel, and it withstands more compression than concrete.


Our Development

A look back at how the development of the Bamboo bike frame progressed over the years.


Stress Testing

The Frame passed the stress test (equivalent to 12,500 miles), and was given a Certificate for: ISO BS 4210.

Tri-Sept Cycles
Our Product Range
Bamboo Urban / City Bike

Urban / City Bike

Bamboo Road / Race Bike

Road / Race Bike

Customers Experience

See what our clients are saying about our Bamboo Cycles.

I had the pleasure of riding this Bamboo Framed Road Bike on Saturday. I put it through its paces whilst competing in the Samaritans 50 mile sportive. The bike was not only beautiful to look at but also incredible to ride.

Bruce Jacob

Samaritans - West Wycombe

It really was a joy to ride, very comfortable offering a subtle yet stiff ride. The way the bike soaked up road buzz was incredible, so much better than my aluminum road bike. It was nice to have heads turn whist riding it.


Gearbox Team Leader - McLaren Racing