Tri-Sept Cycles
Develpment of the Bamboo Bike

The series of photographs below shows the evolution of the design of our bike frames. From the earliest, back in 2007 with Prototype 1 through to Prototype 3.

Adopting incremental changes in design which have all now been incorporated in our Laminated Bamboo Frames.

  • Aluminium bottom bracket boss is bonded and mechanically fixed to the frame.
  • Increased profile of the chain and seat stays.
  • Use of 28mm diameter intergraded headsets.
Prototype 1 (Veneered Covered Plywood)
Prototype 2 (Veneered Covered Plywood)
Prototype 3 / 4 (Step Through) – Veneered Plywood
Prototype 5  – Laminated Bamboo
Road/Race Bicycle – With Laminated Bamboo Frame.