Tri-Sept Cycles
Technical Aspects of Bamboo

Several aspects of Bamboo are extremely valuable to both cyclists and bicycle manufacturers: high strength-to-weight ratio, vibration control, and sustainable growth.

“Bamboo maybe the strongest stuff on the planet… has greater tensile strength (or resistance to being pulled apart) than steel, and withstands more compression than concrete..

“Better vibration-damping capabilities relative to carbon-fibre. Naturally light and stiff material properties. Impressive damage tolerance and eco-friendly sourcing”

“This tendency also allows for excellent vibration control, which, in turn provides for a smoother ride and increased stability on rough terrain”


The Benefits of using Bamboo

Frame 1
  • Releases 35% more oxygen than equivalent timer.
  • Contributes positively to the atmosphere’s oxygen carbon dioxide balance. Carbon Neutral.
  • The root system of the bamboo plant is not damaged during harvesting, which means bamboo is never replanted.
  • Once harvested, bamboo can net up to twice as much fibre as pine, the fastest growing wood crop.
  • Bamboo’s tensile strength is stronger than steel, and it withstands more compression than concrete.
  • Harvesting after 4-5 years compared to 15 years for Eucalyptus, and up to 80 years for Tropical Hardwoods.
  • Bamboo is dense and strong, as well as flexible and elastic.
  • Four times the shock absorbing than Carbon-Fibre.